The poor and needy families, the widows and orphans in Eretz Yisrael

Who have been anxiously waiting on the eve of every Chag
To receive the Holiday gift and the warm smile from Dr. Tali
So that they can prepare and get ready for the Chag
And sit around the festive Yom-Tov table
Wearing their new beautiful clothes

Those eager Neshamos are still waiting…

In the spirit of the upcoming High Holidays
Continuing in the footsteps of Dr. Tali, A”H

Please become partners in this huge mitzvah

And your names and bakashot will be included
In a special Tefila in the Kotel

 Recited by Rav Ben Tzion Hakohen Kook Shlit”a


One Holiday meal for one family


All holiday meals for one family


All holiday expenses for one family


Our goal for Moreshet Tali - Yom tov Campaign

Thank you very much and Tizku Lemitzvot!
Beit Horah’a Haklali of Jerusalem by Tziyuney Halacha institute